Commercial Flat Roofing

  • SPS is the market leader in flat roof services, new construction or re-roof.  We specialize in many types of single ply applications and installations. Membrane or rubber roof systems can be installed many different ways, including mechanically fastened, Adhered or Ballasted.  
    All of these work well for industrial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities. 

  • SPS Roofing has seen a raise in metal recovers due to the tough conditions of the Midwest winters. Some metal roofs fail due to the freeze and thaw cycle as exposed fasteners tend to “pop” and seams fail. It is beneficial to add insulation at this time, which many customers do or are ecstatic with the recovery board alone.

  • SPS prides yourselves on extending your roofs life thru repairs and maintenance. Just because you have a leak doesn’t mean you need a complete new roof. Many times with EPDM roofs there is stretching and shrinking. With GBUR or BUR systems there are tears that just need to be repaired.