Thanks for a remarkable job on an extremely difficult construction site. Of course we knew going into this project that we were dealing with a unique commercial flat roof and difficult roofing situation. Your company has done several industrial roofs and commercial roofing projects that we have been more than pleased with, but this project compelled me to write a thank you letter. Recapping the odds your company was up against; The main roof had a helicopter pad on it and all roofing material needed to be secured with in a 10 minute notice of a Helicopter in route, your crew needed to have the roof able to be made water tight with in the same notice in case of emergency surgery, your crew needed to be available to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week on call in between surgeries in order to work around the doctors unknown schedules. All this and more to make the seemingly impossible flat roof project even attempted. I will admit I had my doubts this rubber roof project could be done not to mention done in the flawless manner in which your crew operated. It is not very often that I am impressed in this industry, but from the initial infrared thermo scan of the membrane roof all the way thru the project to final inspection of the roofing system, including the explanation of the roof maintenance program your company really blew our socks off. Feel free to use this letter for marketing or referral situations.

-Dan McKarren

SPS roofing was great, you will be extremely happy you hired them. Our house was in need of a new roof, My husband wanted shingles and I wanted metal. We choose SPS because they came so highly recommended for both types. I have a construction back ground and was amazed when during the bidding process so many contractors your trying to push thinner metal and snapping metal. I knew from my background this was a bad way to go. SPS Roofing was one of two companies that we found that still did the traditional double locked mechanically sealed standing seam, not some new knock off. They were very professional and cleaned up well.

Liz Hansen- Milwaukee