Residential Metal Roofing

  • The term standing seam metal roof system is thrown around very loosely these days.

  • SPS Roofing Systems uses the Traditional Standing Seam System, the seam is mechanically folded. The traditional standing seam has proven itself as a lifelong roofing system - in Europe, there are roofs more than 1200 years old that are still water tight using this technique.

  • The traditional standing seam is now bent with a machine, rather than by hand. SPS has our own traditional standing seam machine and we are able to fabricate all the pans on the job site.

  • In an attempt to enter the skilled market of standing seam metal, many contractors have begun to install the "snap or locking" standing seam system, claiming they are all the same. The snap or locking systems are lower quality when compared to the traditional technique.